Healthy Summer Dinners

Good evening and welcome. Im here to share my food knowledge and teach people how easy it is to eat well

Poached Hoki with fresh grapefruit, charred corn and lemon infused rice……..

Long hot summer days usually call for a light meal to seal the deal. I found myself on one Sunday afternoon waltzing around the supermarket trying to decide how to fulfill myself that evening…food wise. Where i live im very fortunate to live by the sea so we have fresh fish daily at our disposal. I decided a light seafood meal would do the trick, so I was soon a man on a mission and making my way back home with many concoctions running through my head.

I decided to get a tasty asian inspired “poaching liquid” going which i could use to poach my fish. This involved spring onions, minced chilli, garlic, fennel, lime juice, soy sauce and about 150ml vege stock (dependent on fish size and thickness).This was on low and i gave it about 20 mins to infuse.

I had my rice infusing in freshly squeezed lemon and lemon grass for about the same time, then i used the absorption method to cook.

While these were rolling along, I took an open flame to the whole sweetcorn, aiming for the creme brulee or charred capsicum approach. These were then set aside to cool.

I prepped the fish, deciding to use Hoki as i wanted it to flake and they usually have a low amount of bones and a very natural flavour. Not to mention its usually one of the cheapest to buy.

Rice was cooking away and it was time to put my fish in, 3 mins and it was done, topped with fresh parsley as it jumped out of the pot.

Cut the corn of the cob, strain the rice and grate some lemon rind on top. Collaborate all into a bowl and bobs your uncle….

Oh and don’t forget the segmented grapefruit on top.


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