An empty fridge but a full stomach..

As everyone knows, we open the fridge for perusal many times in a day. We keep seeing the same items but continue to look time and time again. Why? For some reason we are lead to believe that something we feel like will suddenly appear. As a result, i decided to help cut down food wastage by talking through what we can do with whatever is left over. First and foremost, i absolutely love leeks and buy way to many, much to the dismay of my partner. I do the same thing with carrots, celery and a few other veges. My first recommendation would obviously be to learn portion control and as a result dont over eat but that isn’t my reason for writing this.

Vegetable stock is one of my personal favourites, you dont even need to use your new vegetables. In fact, my best stocks come from veges that have been in the bottom corner of the fridge for a while. Just chop them up roughly (around 5 cm) long, add salt and pepper and cover with water on low. make sure you bring to the boil first then turn down just to kill any potential bugs/ nasties within. Note that this can be frozen and easily defrosted for risotto, used as a poaching liquid and many other meal ideas.

My second favourite is using left over herbs/ chilli’s and making these into pastes which you can also freeze. I have a few recipes i use but the one i love to make the most is for curries (which can even be used as a marinade if need be). Basically throw into a blender spring onion, chilli, a good splash of olive oil, two cloves of crushed garlic, paprika (if you have it) and salt and pepper. You can either store this in the fridge for up to 5 days or freeze it,  giving it a longer life.

I hope these two tips helped. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions and please leave your ideas in the comments section.




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